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Companies in Chongqing Municipality Recommended

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Chongqing RATO Power Co., Ltd.

Chongqing RATO Power Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise involving industries of thermo-motive, component and logistics, owning six branches including Chongqing RATO Power Co., Ltd., Chongqing Hengguan Plastics Co., Ltd., Chengdu Hengguan Plastics Co., Ltd., Chongqing Hengguan Logistics Co., Ltd., Hefei ShijiJingxin Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou ShijiJingxin Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Raywin Power Train Technology Co., Ltd.has a staff about 12000 people.For or two consecutive years topped the list of the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises, for three consecutive years to become the top 100 enterprises in Chongqing City, Chongqing City, the 50 best enterprise benefit. And in 2012 by the Chongqing City Hall rated as outstanding private enterprises in Chongqing city.

Over the years, ROTO group adhering to the "to become a global industry with the respected China enterprise", is committed to technological innovation and development, to the development of the road of independent brand tree enterprise.

Thought of development companies adhere to the win-win cooperation, actively participate in international cooperation. In addition to the company long-term cooperation with Japan Fuji heavy machine power R & D and production, to carry out the project in cooperation with the well-known research institutions in many countries and regions such as Italy, Taiwan, Australia.

ROTO will continue to improve the technology innovation, management innovation ability, complied with the time development, optimize the product structure, to become a global industry with the respected China for continued into the enterprise.


Add: 11/F, ShengDi Building, No.100, Longshan Yi Road, Yubei District, Chongqing, China Tel:+86-023-68681769Fax:+86-023-68681762

Website: www.ratogroup.comEmail: 1481663809@qq.com

Contact: Yang Xiaodan




Lifanlndustry(Group)co,Ltd is a large private enterprise mainly engaged in scientific research &development,manufacturing and marketing(including export)of engine,general-purpose engine,motorcycle and automobile,and integrated with financial investment.Tillnow,LIFAN consists of more than 9,301 staffs,out of whom over 6,989 with college education backgrounds.Lifan has been continuously listed in China as Top 500 Enterprises for 10 times and has been No.1 in Chongqing exportation for years.On November 25th,2010,Lifan was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange(stock code 601777),publicly issuing 200 million shares and raising funds of RMB2.9 billion,and became the first private enterprise of passenger vehicle to be listed in china A-share.

In 2013, LifanIndustry(Group) Co., Ltd achieved a sales revenue of RMB 10.073 billion, with export of RMB 5352 million, ranking the 1st in Chongqing private enterprise. Till the end of 2013, Lifan has accumulatively applied 8607 patents, out of which 7500 have been authorized, and with various index in the leading position nationwide. Lifan is a major tax-payer among Chongqing private enterprises.(2013 April Edition)


Add: No.16 FengXi Road, Caijiagang Town, Beibei district, Chongqing, China

Tel: +86-23-61663370Fax: +86-23-61663777-1021

Website: www.lifan.comEmail: alexchen110@sina.com

Contact: Mr. Chen Jian



CSIC ChongqingHaizhuangWindpower Equipment Co., Ltd.

CSIC (Chongqing) HaizhuangWindpower Equipment Co., Ltd. (“HZ Windpower” for short) is a subsidiary of CSIC Group (China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation) and also a high tech enterprise, which is specialized in the research and manufacturing of wind power equipment, system integration, renewable energy development and performing engineering service. Since 2006 HZ Windpower has already developed its own product series with fully self-owned intellectual property and knowhow. Today over 3 GW H-series wind turbines could be found in all major wind energy projects in the country, and serves major Chinese energy producers for years long, 7 wind farms including one in the United States have been invested. The company has grown to a group with a comprehensive business scope covering the full value chain of wind energy industry.


Add: 30# ,Jinyu Ave, Yubeiqu, Chongqing, 401122, China

Tel: +86-23-63023302Fax: +86-23-63023178

Website: www.hzwindpower.comEmail: sales@hzwindpower.com

Contact: Mr. ZHOU Xinhe




The Third Engineering Bureau of China City Construction Group Co., Ltd.

The Third Engineering Bureau of China City Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the CCCC-3 Group), as a secondary state-owned enterprise, is subordinated to China City Construction Holding Group Company. Established in the mid-1980s, the Company has gone through two major restructurings during its growth period and gradually formed an enterprise group which takes infrastructure construction as its core business and provides the whole or stage services such as planning, consulting, investments, development, construction on behalf of owners and operation in its development course of nearly three decades.

The CCCC-3 Group has strong strengths, and registered capital is CNY 600.5 Million and the total asset nearly CNY 3 Billion. Since established, the CCCC-3 Group has possessed multiple qualifications for construction enterprises approved and issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC, including Grade I General Contracting of Highway Construction Project, Grade I General Contracting of Municipal Utility Works, Grade I Professional Earthwork and Stonework Construction, Grade I Professional Contracting of Bridge Works, Grade I Professional Contracting of Highway Pavement Works, Grade I Professional Contracting of Highway Subgrade Works, Grade III General Contracting of Building Engineering Construction, Grade III Professional Contracting of Port and Coastal Engineering Construction, Grade III Professional Contracting of Building Waterproofing Engineering, Grade III Professional Contracting of Historic Garden Building Engineering, and Professional Contracting of Tunnel Engineering Construction; meanwhile, The CCCC-3 Group has also achieved Type II Level A Qualification of Road Maintenance awarded by the Ministry of Transport of PRC and Qualification for foreign contracted projects of PRC awarded by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC.The CCCC-3 Group owns over 20 branches and subsidiaries (including 4 oversea construction companies) with more than 1800 registered employees including over 350 operation managers and Engineering technicians, 80 employees with senior professional title, 207 employees with medium-grade professional title and 80 employees with national certified architects (including 50 primary registered construction engineers).


Add:4A, ZTE Bldg, No.3 Xingguang Fifth Road, New North Zone, Chongqing, China

Tel+86-2388720843  Fax+86-23-88503306

website:www.cccc-3.comEmail: 419258628@qq.com/frejawong @163.com


Contact: Mr. Li/ Miss Freja