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HeBei Provinace

Soruce:中美省州合作专题子站 Author:中美省州合作专题子站 Add Time:2014-10-27 00:00:00

Brief Introduction to Hebei Province and its Cooperation with the United States 

Hebei is abbreviated as “Ji”. Covering an area of 188,000 square kilometers with a population of 73 million and a coastline of 487 kilometers, Hebei is the only province of China covered by seashore, plain, lakes, hills, mountains and plateau concurrently. The provincial capital is Shijiazhuang City.

Administrative Divisions: 11 municipal cities (cities with districts), 2 county-level cities directly under provincial jurisdiction and 170 counties (districts and county-level cities).

Essential Features: 

A large province in terms of economic aggregate-taking the 6th place in mainland provinces with a GDP of 2.83 trillion yuan.

A large province in terms of industry-enjoying complete industrial categories and a solid industrial foundation.

A large province in terms of agriculture-the outputs of livestock, vegetable and fruit products all ranking in the front rows while the output of grain taking the 8th place in the country.

A large province in terms of resources-152 varieties of mineral resources with deposits of coal, iron, petroleum, vanadium and titanium all ranking in the front rows of the country.

A large province in terms of culture-enjoying the profound Yan and Zhao culture, 5 sites of World Cultural Heritage in 3 items and 278 key sites of cultural relics under state protection.

Geographic Advantage: Surrounding Beijing and Tianjin while Standing along Bohai Sea. Hebei, together with Beijing and Tianjin, constitute the National Capital Economic Circle with a high-end market of 120 million consumer population. This area, with the most dynamic economy, the most developed industry and commerce, the largest market capacity and the most concentrated finance, talents and resources, has become the third engine after Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, to propel China’s economic growth.

Opening-up: Having established economic and trade relations with more than 200 countries and regions in the world. Over 80 Global 500 corporations have settled in Hebei and more than 4000 overseas investors have made business establishments in the province. The provincial import & export value has exceeded USD50 billion.

Cooperation with the US: Hebei maintains close economic and trade ties with the US which is largest export destination and the third largest import source country of Hebei Province. Trade volume with the US reached US$5.68 billion in 2013, which took over 10% of the province’s total import & export volume. Hebei enjoys long-term, traditional economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with the state of California. Being adopted into the joint working group, Hebei looks forward to establishing regular contact mechanism with the relevant departments of California, building platforms for exchanges and information sharing, and organizing various economic and trade activities, thus to promote cooperation in diversified fields with focus on agriculture, livestock, petroleum, natural gas, food processing, paper making, electronics and energy-saving and environmental protection.