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Soruce:中美省州合作专题子站 Author:中美省州合作专题子站 Add Time:2014-10-27 00:00:00

Brief Introduction to Inner Mongolia and its Cooperation with the United States

In 2000, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and California State built friendly region-state relationship. Due to the closer cooperation between Inner Mongolia and the U.S., Inner Mongolia built cooperation relationships with other U.S. states. In 2013, as a member of “China Provinces-U.S. States Trade and Investment Cooperation Working Team”, Inner Mongolia set up its California Coordinating and Working Team.October of 2013, on the China Provinces-U.S. States Trade Cooperation Conference organized by China’s Ministry of Commerce and the Government of California State, Inner Mongolia signed the Memorandum of Understanding with California State to enhance trade and investment cooperation between China Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and U.S. California State. This indicated a new stage of cooperation between Inner Mongolia and California State. Our main cooperation fields are farming and animal husbandry, energy, equipment manufacturing, ecological environment protection, biomedical industry, information industry etc. Inner Mongolia seeks trade and investment cooperation with California in the area of farming and animal husbandry industrialization, coal, nonferrous metals and rare earth deep processing, engineering machinery, services industry etc. Inner Mongolia hopes to enhance communication and cooperation with California in the areas of tourism, culture and education. 

U.S. is an important economic and trade cooperation partner of Inner Mongolia. In recent 10 years, the total amount of the import and export between China and U.S. reached 3.732 billion dollars. The amount of export was 2.218 billion dollars and the amount of import was 1.514 billion dollars. Until the end of 2013, US had built 346 foreign-funded enterprises in Inner Mongolia. The amount of contracted foreign capital reached 1.371 billion dollars. Main investment fields included manufacturing and real estate industries. Until the end of 2013, Inner Mongolia had built 12 enterprises in the U.S. The total amount of investment reached 71.098 million dollars, including 70.438 million dollars of China’s total investment under agreements. Main investment fields included sale of products and products raw materials, real estate, sale of building & decoration material and chain store restaurants.