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Provincial and state-level working groups

Add Time:2014-10-28 00:00:00

Brief on SINO-US Joint Working Group of Province-State Cooperation

The Sino-US Joint Working Group of Province-State Cooperation was initiated by Mr. Brown, Governor of the California State, in his meeting with then Chinese Vice President H.E. Xi Jinping in Xi’s official visit to the United States in Feb., 2012, aiming to boost bilateral trade and investment. The Joint Working Group was officially launched in April, 2013, following the signing of MOU between MOFCOM and six provinces and the California State Government in Beijing. For the Chinese part, MOFCOM was the leading organization and its members grows from original six provinces and municipalities, namely Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Shandong, Guangdong and Chongqing to seven with a new comer of Hebei Province in May, 2014. The coordination is done by local departments of commerce. For the US part, led by the Governor Office and covering all departments of economy of the Californian State Government, it is operated by the Commerce and Economic Development Office of the Governor.

The working group is designed to expand bilateral trade and investment cooperation, enhance communication, boost mutual trust, and promote economic growth and employment. By holding a series of events including annual meetings, mutual visits between enterprises and exhibitions, it aims at enhancing SINO-US cooperation in key areas such as infrastructure, bio-medicine, IT, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, tourism, environmental protection and exhibitions.