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The China Provinces and US States Cooperation Conference Was Successfully Held in Beijing

Soruce:The China Provinces and US States Cooperation Author:The China Provinces and US States Cooperation Add Time:2014-10-13 00:00:00

 On the afternoon of September 28th, our chamber, as the Chinese Secretariat of “China Provinces and US California Joint Working Group on Trade and Investment Cooperation”, successfully held China Provinces and US States Cooperation Conference. The conference was hosted by Chamber President, Zhang Yujing, and the attendees include Director Liu from Department of American and Oceanian Affairs under China’s Ministry of Commerce, Secretary-General of the Chamber, Liu Chun, representatives in charge of provincial and state work from all member units, as well as representatives from the legal department, information department, department of league of nations, investment promotion department, and relevant industry departments under the Chamber.

The Chamber President, Zhang Yujing began with an introduction to the background and great significance of China provinces and US California cooperation, noting that the work of the Secretariat was highly valued by ministry leaders, and with the support of Ministry of Commerce, the Chamber completed each work seriously, in an effort to constantly improve the working mechanism. Relevant work included selecting highly-qualified personnel with relevant business knowledge so as to strengthen the Secretariat; strengthening information communication with the US party to further learn about the characteristics of Californian industries; promoting a deeper level of communication in more fields by doing the connecting job well; around the strengths of each member unit, organizing various forms of targeted mutual visits to closely connect enterprises; and meanwhile calling on all the member units in the working group to pool their wisdom, in an effort to constantly push the work of the Secretariat and working group forward.

Subsequently, Director Liu from Department of American and Oceanian Affair made a brief introduction to the outcomes of China US cooperation in economy and trade, pointing out the establishment of the cooperation mechanism between China provinces and US states added a new dimension to the establishment of an omni-directional and three-dimensional economic pattern, which greatly promoted China US trade and economic cooperation at the local level. The cooperation at the local level, combined with that at a national level, further promoted the healthy and stable development of China US relations. In the meantime, Director Liu affirmed the work carried out by the Mechanical and Electronic Chamber of Commerce when it served as the Chinese Secretariat.

After that, the Secretary-General Liu Chun conducted a detailed review of all the completed work of information issue, preparation and organization of major events, contact between the Chinese and US party, etc. and further put forward thoughts on some problems existing in current work, hoping all the people could pool the wisdom and efforts to jointly facilitate the implementation of China provinces and US California cooperation mechanism.  

Each member unit, based on its own characteristics, introduced its proceeding situation concerning the cooperation work between China provinces and US states, including the proceeding situation of China US trade and economy, opinions and suggestions about the work of the Secretariat, appeals of US member units concerning relevant work. Besides, they had a heated discussion about how to give full play to the role of Secretariat and working mechanism.

At last, Director Liu delivered a closing speech, outlining the common problems proposed by each member unit, and hoping the Secretariat could make its future work meet the needs of each member unit better through innovating its working ways; making close contact with enterprises; strengthening the interaction, mutual visits and communication among all member units, in an effort to promote a stable, orderly and healthy development of China US economy and trade.

Through the cooperation conference between China parties and US states, the Secretariat has gained further knowledge of current work situations of each member unit and clearly learned about the appeals of each member unit concerning relevant work, which has laid a good foundation for planning and carrying out work better in the next step.