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Cooperation Intention of Inner Mongolia

Soruce:中美省州合作专题子站 Author:中美省州合作专题子站 Add Time:2015-10-10 00:00:00

1 Inner Monglia Research Institute of Metallurgy(Quailty Inspection of Metallurglcal Products of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) To seek cooperation with the California in the application of anatase  nano titanium dioxide. 1. Application of Photocatalytic activity 5 nanometer titanium dioxide  purifying air2. Application of nano silicon dioxide3. Application of new rare earth materialsNanometer cerium oxide luminescent material);To seek cooperation in science and technology in the areas of non-ferrous metals, rare earth, industrial circular economy energy conservation and emission reduction Mr. Li Li 0086-13947127508 yjyLL70@163.com
2 China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High Tech Co., Ltd to look for the collaboration opportunities of rare earth products in catalyst, fuel cell, electronic ceramics and medicine, and cooperation with local producers of hybrid vehicles and trucks in the US, such as FORD Motor Company and Chevrolet Company. Power battery produced by Northern Rare Earth can be used in the power supply of mine equipments, solar road lamps, large garden tools, emergency aid tools and expressway signs. We are looking for the producers in these fields (Total 203367 units of batteries of 6.5AH were sold to the US in 2014, representing 91% of the total sales volume).  Mr. Lv Tao 0086-13848278522 278195495@qq.com
3 Kailu Ever Brilliance Biotechnology Co., Ltd.(short as KEB) KEB has had sales company in LA. We would be very much obliged if you could give any help and guidance for these three aspects below,
1. To look for and choose a site in LA where is suitable for building a Production plant.
2. To look for partners to expand channels of distribution.
3. To get acquaintance of laws and regulationsthe investment environment  in LA.
The major products of KEB are sesamin, lutein, Milk thistle Extract, D-mannose, Raffinose Pentahydrate, Buckwheat Flavonoids, etc. KEB is a manufacturer of raw material of nutritional supplement covering the most varieties andlargest scale in inner Mongolia. It has the leading occupation in the counterparts.
Mr. Jiang Hongqi 0086-13947581930 13947581930@163.com
4 Tongliao Tongya Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd to look for architectural aluminum plate market demand. We hope that you could help our company to establish the cooperation relationship with the large companies who are in key construction projects for state of California, non-governmental organization (including Chinese organization in the U.S.). Please invite investment and financing institutions to participate in the discussion.    Mr. Zhang Zhe 0086-15004979996 tongyabgs@126.com
5 Zhalantun City Lanlin Food Co., Ltd. Hoping American company would provide following information:
    Cooperative Partner: Professional foodstuffs biotechnology companies
    Cooperative Contents: to develop Hulun Buir  Green and Organic Foods
    Project  Location: Hulun Buir
    Technical Aspect: Hoping to cooperate with American companies to develop wild plants of Hulun Buir by using biotechnology and make it become High-tech Food which is different from the traditional products.
Mr. Zou Bo 0086-13904706069 nmgzltllsp@163.com
6 INNER MONGOLIA XIAO WEI YANG STOCK RAISING SCIENCES AND TECHNOLNGIES CO.LTD The visit aims to further negotiations on the detailed issues of investment, cooperation, store, location and operation.
Meanwhile, we hope you could provide the potential co-operators who have the intention of investing hotpot restaurants. Chain and shareholding are both available for investment. It would be best if the total area of site is between 400 m2 and 500 m2. It is favourable that at least one store has been fixed before our visit in order to discuss effectively.
Mr.Feng Zhizhong 0086-15847248882 xwyfzz@163.com  fengyanan@xwy.cc
7 Wulate Qianqi Chang Xing Da Co., Ltd Hopefully, through this visit, American side can provide retailers on organic goji berry and organic goji powder as well as business partners on producing organic goji juice.  Mr. Wang Yongsheng 0086-13624887888 nmwys@163.com
8 Inner Mongolia HengMao (Group) Co.,LTD. 1. Automobile Industry: including the sales of vehicles and spare parts, after-sales service, used cars trading , large chop shop, limousines and other auto relevant resources.
2.Technology and business cooperation in electronic information and Internet.
 Mr. Fan Gaiqing 0086-13684759556 657834309@qq.com
9  Inner Mongolia Prarie Sunrise E-Commerce Co., Ltd. The company has reached a preliminary agreement with Vons Website which is located in New York concerning mutual sharing of e-commercial resources. It is sincerely hoped that America could provide a more liberal environment for investment and cooperation. Mr. Sun Xianwen  0086-13604751588 981602226@qq.com
10 IMGM INTERNATIONAL MINING CO., LTD. IMGM International Mining Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes to cooperate with  rare earth enterprises in California in interest of both countries, furthermore we are seeking an agreement with  California's government for the joint development of rare-earth materials.
It is our earnest intention to promote rare earth cooperation between our two countries.
Mr. Ge Yifei 0086-18647147206 369233155@qq.com
11 Viction ( Inner Mongolia) knitting high-tech Co., Ltd. to cooperate with the purchasers of the cashmere industry Ms. Liu Yajie  0086-15044839322 lyj@victioncashmere.com
12 Inner Mongolia Caoyuan Xinhe Food Co., Ltd. to know more about beef processing projects in America Ms. Hao Yifan   0086-18104785555 zgnmgcyxh@sina.com